A tool for increasing hand hygiene and mask usage rates by offering prizes

Ignaz is a cloud-based enterprise kiosk app.

You can use it in offices, hospitals, schools, universities and cafeterias to increase:

Hand Sanitization

Improve hand hygiene by offering a reward for people to use the hand sanitizer.

Mask Usage

Increase mask usage by offering a prize, and without a mandate.
If there is a mask mandate, you can use Ignaz to increase the use of high filtering masks such as N95.


Peace of Mind

for employees, patients, visitors, and students.

Improving Productivity

by reducing the rate of diseases.

Saving Money

lost due to absenteeism, on-the-job productivity loss and treatment expenses

How It Works

Ignaz gamifies hand hygiene and mask usage.


Users will immediately know if they have won. This is good for people who visit a location. They can get the prize while they are on-site.


Users will know at the end of the month if they have won. This is good for people who are present in a location everyday (e.g., employees, students in a university).
Since the winner is announced at the end of the month, they are not distracted during work or school.

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Prevent the spread of COVID-19, cold, flu, RSV and many other diseases using Ignaz!


Reduce the rate of cold and flu among employees and save money that is lost due to:

  • absenteeism
  • on-the-job productivity loss
  • treatment cost

The savings will depend on the prevalence rate of diseases and average salary.

Concerned about users' privacy?

We have a variety of techniques suitable for different environments to resolve any privacy concern.
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Ignaz is patent pending.


Every year 2 million people acquire infection in US hospitals resulting about 100,000 deaths and costing the healthcare system $30-$40 billion. Hand sanitization is the most effective way of lowering the infection rates.

Healthcare Workers

Increase hand hygiene compliance rate through a lottery. It will take just a few seconds for healthcare workers to play the lottery each time they use a hand sanitizer.
The admin can choose the winner each month. You can even have a big prize winner announced periodically during a company function.

Visitors and Patients

Improve hand hygiene of visitors and patients by offering a prize for them to use hand sanitizer. You can even offer a prize to encourage them to use N95 masks.
They will immediately know if they have won the prize. They can receive the prize while still at the hospital.