Ignaz: a System for Increasing Hand Hygiene Compliance Rate and Mask Usage

We have developed a patent pending technology that can be used with existing washing sinks and hand sanitizer dispensers, including inexpensive plastic bottle dispensers, to create an incentive for people to clean their hands. Additionally, Ignaz can be used to increase mask usage indoors and outdoors (e.g., parks, streets).


1- in offices, dorms, cafeterias, coffee shops, cruises and airports to increase hand hygiene and mask usage to give employees, students and customers peace of mind when the COVID-19 pandemic slows down and people are back to work and school.

2- in offices to reduce the rate of cold and flu among employees, thus, saving the employer money, otherwise lost due to absenteeism, on-the-job loss and treatment cost (current estimation: $168 per employee per year assuming a $100K/yr salary).

3- in hospitals and nursing homes to save lives by increasing the hand hygiene compliance rate.

Every year 2 million people acquire infection in US hospitals resulting in 100,000 deaths and costing the healthcare system $30-$40 billion. Hand sanitization is the most effective method to prevent these infections. Yet, the hand hygiene compliance rate is on average 40% in US hospitals.

Hand hygiene compliance rate is believed to be even lower in US nursing homes, resulting in 380,000 deaths from infection every year according to the CDC.

Our technology uses software and off-the-shelf hardware to improve hygiene by creating an unpredictable incentive to offset invincibility bias of individuals.

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