TypeOne technology uses artificial intelligence to make typing faster. The user enters the first letter of each word and our algorithm predicts what words she wants to enter.

Features and benefits:
1- Makes typing in English up to 4 times faster
2- Learns and improves as a person uses it
3- Suggests words found by regular predictive text as well
4- Available for English language (support for other Latin languages, Cyrillic languages, Chinese, Korean and Japanese will be added in the near future).

1- Faster typing on smart phones, tablets, and smartwatches (e.g., writing message or searching for music)
2- Speeding up TV-guide search when using a TV-remote control or an on-screen keyboard
3- Speeding up document search on a laptop or a desktop

For Smart Phones

For Smart Watches

Type less, AI does the rest!


On a regular smart phone keyboard it takes at least 4 actions to correct a typing error (2 actions if you make the correction immediately after the error occurs). Using the FlashEdit technology, the error can be corrected using a single action (i.e., dragging your finger on the keyboard from the wrong key to the correct key).

Other actions that can be accomplished by dragging a finger on the keyboard are:
1- Deleting a letter from anywhere in the word,
2- Inserting a letter anywhere in the word,
3- Moving the cursor to anywhere in the word or the sentence, and
4- Selecting multiple words or sentences (to copy or delete)

FlashEdit makes correction as easy as swiping done in some games.

On smartwatches, FlashEdit technology allows correcting fat-finger errors, often occurring on small keyboards by dragging a finger on the keyboard in the direction of the wrong key to the correct key. This makes typing on small keyboards much easier.

FlashEdit can be used on keyboards of desktops and laptops with minor changes.

For Smart Phones

For Smart Watches


Change the keyboard theme with one swipe.


Switch to a different task with one swipe.


Launch apps or search installed apps directly from the keyboard.