Idelan's TypeOne AI Technology Makes Typing on a Smartwatch as Fast as on a Phone

Type less, AI does the rest!

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Idelan Inc. has released a patent pending technology, called TypeOneTM, that makes typing on the keyboard of smart phones, tablets and smartwatches 4 times faster. When used on a smartwatch, TypeOne makes typing short messages as fast as typing on a smart phone's keyboard.

Idelan's sophisticated AI algorithm predicts what a user wants to type if the user enters the first letter of each word. For example, to reply to a message, a user can type "tyvm" and the algorithm detects that she wants to write "thank you very much". This makes typing in English up to 4 times faster.

"Last year, 6 of the top 10 mobile apps were messaging and social networking apps. Currently, there is no good way to use these apps on a smartwatch since typing on a watch is difficult and slow. Neither is it easy to search for music from your wrist´┐Ż said Dr. Farzan Fallah, the founder and the president of Idelan Inc. " TypeOne technology solves this problem by allowing users to type only a quarter of the letters and using AI to find the rest."

The existing prediction technology in smart device keyboards requires a user to enter multiple letters of each word and to constantly look at the suggested words. This back and forth increases the cognitive load on users and slows down typing. In TypeOne, a user typically needs to look at the suggestions only once. Additionally, since the user enters letters of multiple words, the prediction accuracy is much higher than the current technology. TypeOne's learning algorithm improves the prediction even further as a person continues using it.

TypeOne currently supports the English language. Support for other Latin languages, Cyrillic languages, Chinese, Korean and Japanese will be added in the near future.

TypeOne is available in DrexteeTM Messenger for Android WearTM smartwatches through Google PlayTM. The app can be used for reading and replying to SMS, Email and messages received through other messaging apps.

The technology will be available for other smartwatch OSes as well as smart phones in the near future.

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